Membership Terms & Conditions

WEF 1 November 2017, membership has been integrated into an all-encompassing ValueClub membership programme. This merger is to provide our members with a seamless tech shopping experience both in-store and online — all via one membership.

ValueClub members can conveniently use their registered ValueClub ID to shop 24/7 online on!

Important information about your ValueClub membership

1. The S$8, S$18 and S$28 ValueClub membership fee is strictly non-refundable. ValueClub membership is a personal identity for Challenger and and cannot be transferred or shared. ValueClub members are responsible for ensuring account integrity and prevent misuse. ValueClub is not responsible for any damages including data breach/loss resulting from the action of transfer and/or sharing of ValueClub membership.

2. ValueClub members can enjoy membership discounts and/or benefits at all Challenger stores and, our partnered online tech marketplace. You are required to scan the QR code on the cashier’s tablet with ValueClub’s in-app camera at the point of purchase to enjoy discounts at all Challenger stores. You may log in to with your registered contact number or email address.

3. ValueClub reserves the right to amend or withdraw any condition or ValueClub benefits without prior notice. The latest list of benefits can be found here.

4. ValueClub members can earn up to V$0.01 rebate for every S$1 spent in-store and online at, depending on which membership tier you opt for (1X rebate for S$28 membership tier, 0.5X rebate for S$18 membership tier and zero rebate for S$8 membership tier). Rebates awarded at Challenger stores will be rounded to the nearest dollar per transaction basis. Rebates will not be awarded for membership fees, purchase of vouchers, gift cards and services such as delivery, extended warranty, product repair and the amount paid using rebates.

5. Rebates earned can be used to offset members' next purchase amount payable (after any discount and/or applicable coupons) at Challenger stores or

6. Rebates may only be used by ValueClub members with an active ValueClub account

7. Rebates earned for refunded purchases/items will be deducted accordingly.

8. Rebates earned may not be transferred to any other ValueClub member and are not exchangeable for cash.

9. Rebates will be credited to your membership account within 1 week from the delivery date of your item(s).

10. A monthly ValueClub e-statement is sent to all our members containing the ValueClub membership expiry date and rebates balance. Please contact us here if you do not receive your ValueClub e-statement.

11. We recommend members to renew their ValueClub membership before it expires to continue enjoying the privileges. (S$28 membership tier is eligible to renew at 6 months before membership expires, S$18 tier is eligible to renew at 4 months before membership expires, and S$8 membership tier is eligible to renew at 2 months before membership expires). Members are allowed a grace period of 90 days from the date of membership expiry to retain your rebates under the condition that the membership is renewed within the grace period. W.E.F 1 August 2018, records of expired membership that have not been renewed within 6 months will be removed from our system.

12. WEF 1 April 2018, rebates earned and unutilised will expire in 1 year from the date of issue or 90 days after the membership expires, whichever is earlier.

13. To update your particulars, simply log in to, or ValueClub app, under ‘Account’ section. Alternatively, you may contact us here. It is the ValueClub member’s responsibility to ensure particulars are accurate and updated always. ValueClub member's data must be accurate and validated.

14. If there is a discrepancy on your rebates, please provide all your purchase transaction receipts for verification within 14 days of your purchase.

15. WEF 9 April 2019, S$8 and S$18 membership tier can be upgraded to a higher tier at any point in time. Upon upgrade, any unused month/s from the previous tier will be voided and refunded to the membership account as V$ rebate (V$1/month). Downgrade of membership tier is not available

Associate membership

1. An associate member is able to receive rebates transferred to him/her but cannot donate or transfer his/her rebates.

2. An associate member is not eligible for the S$50 guaranteed member savings privilege.

3. Associate membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.

4. S$28 and S$18 membership tiers are entitled to sign up associate memberships. (S$28 membership tier for 2 associate members and S$18 membership tier for 1 associate member)

5. Every S$1 spent by an associate member on items (excluding services including but not limited to delivery, extended warranty and product repair) purchased at retail or member’s price earns the main member up to V$0.01 rebate, depending on which membership tier the main member opt for.

6. Associate membership expiry is set to be on the same date as the main member's expiry date or upon main membership renewal/upgrade of membership, whichever come first. W.E.F 11 February 2019, there will be no renewal of associate memberships. Your membership V$ rebate received from main member will be voided one(01) year from date of issue or after ninety(90) days from the main membership's expiry date.

7. In the event of V$ rebate discrepancy, please provide all your purchased transaction receipts for verification.

8. Please inform us here, if you wish to change your member particulars. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure member details are accurate and updated at all times.

9. Savings from any associate membership transaction will count towards the main member’s savings.

10. The corresponding rebate value will be deducted from the main member’s rebate balance in the event of a product refund (via purchase).

11. The main member shall be responsible for all usage of the associate membership under his/her account.

12. ValueClub communications, such as but not limited to exclusive news, promotions and monthly e-statement, will be sent to all associate members. You may update your subscription preferences at any time by logging into your member account.

13. Your associate membership(s) will expire with the main membership’s initial expiry date at the point of purchase.

14. Your associate membership will expire on the day the main member upgrade their membership.

Hachi reserves the right to suspend or void the exchange if we deem the member's details as incomplete, outdated, incorrect or forged.